Pupil Distance Meter  PD meter

Pupil Distance Meter PD meter

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  • Data de Lançamento: 2014-05-31
  • Versão Atual: 2.0.0
  • Classificação de idade: 4+
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  • Desenvolvedor: VisTech.Projects LLC
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 6.0 ou mais novo.


Video Guide: http://rebrand.ly/pdm_ios_video_howto (!) Watch the video before using the app, picture 1 and 2 in one measure session must be taken from different distances from camera to the face. Accuracy test: https://goo.gl/PDU5XU Pupil Distance Meter uses a camera and a known size reference object to measure pupillary distance. Pupillary Distance is needed when you want to order eyeglasses. Now you can measure it yourself using this app or ask your friend to measure your PD. Inch, mm, cm units are supported in the app. Zoom View feature allows you to align the pointers on the screen accurately. The option to share PD results is also available in the app. Timer feature helps the user to perform measurement on himself using front camera. To achieve accurate and consistent results two successive pictures has to be taken and marked according to the guide. Then the app estimates average pupillary distance. If you need quick to estimate your PD you can use this application. Step-by-step guide is available on the website: http://ios.vistechprojects.com/app/pdm The app has following features: Info Button - content dependent info button Back and Front Camera support Pre-defined and custom reference objects Imperial and Metric measurement units : mm, cm and inches Accurate manual ruler adjustment Zoom View for accurate ruler adjustment Share results with picture attached Countdown Timer with Sound If you like the app and find it useful please support us with your feedback and comment. Feel free to contact support@vistechprojects.com with any questions, comments or bug reports.