Tunable - Music Practice Tools

Tunable - Music Practice Tools

Por AffinityBlue

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  • Data de Lançamento: 2013-03-27
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Tunable Toolkit: Tuner, Metronome, and Recorder turns your device into the best chromatic tuner, tone & chord generator, metronome, and recorder — so you can learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat anywhere you go. Jam-packed with features to help with ear training, breath support, rhythm, timing, dynamics, and more, Tunable remains easy to use while being feature rich. Utilizing a unique “tuning history” display for viewing pitch as you play, an easy to use metronome and a handy audio recorder, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for beginning to professional musicians. Grab Tunable today and use in your next group rehearsal, private instruction, band class, or live performance. Why are Broadway musicians, students at Julliard, National Youth Orchestras and beginning instrumentalists using Tunable? LEARN TO PLAY IN TUNE WITH SUSTAINED PITCH HISTORY™ • Visualize how steadily you play or sing. As notes are held out, a white line draws how steady the pitch is. The straighter the line, the more consistent the pitch. IMPROVE YOUR EAR WITH TONE AND CHORD GENERATOR • Need a reference tone or chord? Use the tone and chord generator to play and sustain chords with various tone options. Choose from different temperaments to hear how they compare. KEEP TEMPO WITH AN ACCURATE METRONOME • See the pulse with a visual metronome. View subdivision and current beat, with a large display and (optional) visual flash. RECORD YOUR SESSIONS AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND TEACHERS • Record your practices and performances. Add reverb for a professional sound. Share recordings through e-mail, SoundCloud, Dropbox and more. MAIN FEATURES TUNER • Large, colorful tuning indicator clearly shows when in tune (green fills the screen) • Clear, visual tuner with note, octave, cents (+\-), and frequency (Hz) display • Unique Sustained Pitch History™ tuning display to see how well you’re sustaining notes over time • Especially suited for wind instruments and strings with note detection from Tuba to Piccolo • Horizontal and vertical tuning displays (pick what you prefer) • Adjustable A=440 reference tone • Change between Equal, Just, Pythagorean, and 18 other tuning temperaments TONE AND CHORD GENERATOR • Chromatic Tone Generator with multiple tone options • Play and sustain single notes and chords • Auto Octave rounding for easy note access METRONOME • Large number display with optional visual flash to see the downbeat and each subdivision • Adjust tempo, beats per measure, and subdivision to fit your needs • Select from over 30 metronome sounds • See tempo markings to quickly jump between standard tempos • Tempo Tap (tap metronome center to set a tempo) • Continues to play when screen is locked or in the background RECORD • Record and save unlimited recordings • Share recordings through e-mail, SoundCloud, DropBox, and more AND MORE... • Highly accurate and responsive • Transpose notes to any instrument • AppleTV/AirPlay mirroring to an HDMI projector or TV on iPad2, iPhone4S, iPhone5 • Background Audio enables the metronome to continue playing when the screen is locked or closed. • Dark and light themes Tunable is especially great with voice, wind, and string instruments including: • Guitar, Ukelele • Piccolo, Flute • Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon • Eb, Bb/A Soprano Clarinet, Bass Clarinet • Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet and Cornet • French Horn • Tenor and Bass Trombone • Euphonium and Tuba • Violin, Viola, Chello, and Bass • Voice TESTIMONIALS • "The best tuner, metronome, and recorder on iOS and a pitch-perfect bargain for any musician." — MacLife • "A versatile swiss army knife of music apps" — Gizmodo • "Tunable shows musicians what pitch-perfect means as they play." — Engadget • "Tunable doesn't just tell you how you sound -- it shows you." — FastCoDesign



  • Muito legal

    Por Si2si2
    Treino com o metrônomo todos os dias, facilita muito as subdivisões q da pra colocar
  • O melhor!

    Por Luizcpo
    Já usei vários, esse é o mais simples e eficiente! Vale a pena demais!
  • Excelente!

    Por Claricelmarques
    Melhor afinador do mercado.
  • O melhor

    Por DanMartinsBass
    Simples o melhor afinador para celular! Muito preciso e completo.
  • Não funciona

    Por Havalom
    Aplicativo não funciona após as últimas atualizações. Trava na primeira tela no IPhone 6 Plus.
  • The best!

    Por Moralez'87
    The best tuner I've ever used
  • Excelente

    Por JorgeJohn01
    Muito preciso e fácil de usar. O melhor!
  • O melhor afinador do mundo !!!

    Por jnpp65
    Pode comprar com toda confiança . Sem dúvida o melhor …já aposentei meu afinador Yamaha
  • Muito bom

    Por mmsax
    Afinador super preciso
  • Foda

    Por João César
    Aplicativo faz tudo