Discourses of Brigham Young - LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection

Discourses of Brigham Young - LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection

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The LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection brings you: Discourses of Brigham Young by Brigham Young & John A. Widstoe. Contents • Preface • The Gospel Defined • The Godhead • The Communication Between God and Man • Pre-Existence; the Plan of Salvation • Free Agency • The Power of Evil • The Law of Eternal Progression • The Destiny of Man • Dispensations of the Gospel • The Last Days • The Scriptures • The Priesthood • The First Principles of the Gospel • The Sabbath; Meetings; the Sacrament • Tithing; the United Order • The Word of Wisdom • The Family • Some Womanly Duties • Obedience • Gratitude, Humility, Devotion, Liberality, Honesty • Happiness and Social Enjoyments • Education • Self-Control • Our Fellow Men • Unity and Co-Operation • Thrift and Industry • Wealth • Missionary Work • Visions, Mysteries and Miracles • Trials and Persecution • Political Government • Death and Resurrection • The Spirit World • Eternal Judgment • Salvation • Temples and Salvation for the Dead • Man's Search for Truth and Salvation • The Testimony of the Truth • The Church and Kingdom of God on Earth • Some Effects of the Gospel • Joseph Smith • The Settlement in the West Part of the LDS Doctrinal Classics 40 Book Collection! A Unique Collection of LDS Doctrinal and Historical Books written by Early Church Leaders and Scholars. Presented by Latter-Day Apps with Essential Reading and Study Features that include: ✓ Create, Save, and Move an Unlimited amount of Customized Bookmarks! ✓ Highlight Toolbar allows 4 different Highlight colors; 4 text coloring options; and Bold, Underline, Italic, and Erase Tools! ✓ Easily Increase/Decrease the Font Size at any time without having to Browse through settings menus! ✓ Speed-Adjustable Auto-Scroll is very convenient for relaxed reading! ✓ Search for Specific Words, Phrases, or whole passages! ✓ Night Mode great for reading in dark settings! ✓ Landscape Mode and Landscape Lock! ✓ Save My Spot restores location when app is closed and returned to later! Please email us with any questions. Thanks and be sure to check out all of the other titles in the LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection by searching for "LDS Doctrinal Classics". Enjoy! ⓁⒹⓈ