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ACHIEVE THE PERFECT CUP – CONSISTENTLY Creative coffee roasting is an art. The key lies in leveraging both your triumphs and mistakes, and visualizing how all of your data works together to affect the final taste. Designed for specialty and prosumer roasters alike, Roastmaster paints the bigger picture. It enhances and speeds your workflow, compounding your achievements on your way to that consistently perfect cup! ROAST Learn from the past and build a future: Set a roadmap from any profile or roast with just a tap Track any number of roast curves: control or temperature Target, inspect, and monitor data in the interactive analyzer Stay on course with delta curves, level indicators, and temperature projections Never miss a milestone with alarms, set-point alerts, and temperature trigger notifications Save any roast as a profile, and build a custom library tailored to style or bean View interactive roast log reports to compare metrics like drying time, development percent, moisture loss, and many others Create roaster maintenance schedules to be reminded when individual tasks are due, and log details like service time and costs BEANS Keep your green bean inventory in sync with your actual stock — automatically: Beans or blends – let Roastmaster do the bean counting for you! Set order reminders to alert you of low inventory Record details like country, trade, processing, and more Track lot details such as age, cost, moisture, Q Score, and more Audit inventory and lot shipments with advanced reporting BLENDS Get creative concocting, tasting, and perfecting your signature blends: Blend green beans or roasts by weight or percentage Create "snapshot" experiments and track your results Roasting a blend? Let Roastmaster calculate the green weights CUPPINGS Rate a morning pot of drip coffee, or score a professional cupping session: Record extraction time, brew ratio, grind settings, and more Score traditional attributes like aroma, body, and acidity with multiple cupping styles Enter scores easily with interactive spider graphs Visualize how cupping scores relate to all aspects of your workflow LINK TO THERMOCOUPLES (OPTIONAL) The Data Logging in-app purchase allows you to connect one or more thermocouples to automate your roasts. Roastmaster displays and records real-time temperature readings from each probe. When paired with Roastmaster’s other automation features, roasting becomes truly hands-free! MUCH, MUCH MORE Reports, labels, sharing – if it’s aimed at great tasting coffee, you can bet it’s in there or we’re working on it! For a complete guide and walkthrough, please visit:



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