Slurpr - ramen

Slurpr - ramen


  • Categoria: Food & Drink
  • Data de Lançamento: 2018-11-08
  • Versão Atual: 1.0.1
  • Classificação de idade: 12+
  • Tamanho: 36.44 MB
  • Desenvolvedor: TFORT, INC.
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 11.0 ou mais novo.


Slurpr is an app that you can share your ramen experiences with people all over the world and find your favorite ones. Searching for the ramen you want to eat next. Looking for reputable shops nearby the place where you're not familiar with. Looking for "soy sauce, and light taste ramen“ with your mood. It is a useful app in such a scene. Make your ramen life more fun and fulfilling with Slurpr! What you can do with Slurpr Information you want to know at a glance! Not only photos of ramen, but also information you want to know such as shop name, menus, ratings, taste types and prices, etc. can be checked at a glance. Filter by type of ramen! You can filter other users' ramen experiences (posts) by specifying the type of ramen such as light, rich, soy sauce or tonkotsu etc. I can drill down the information of the ramen I want to know now, with the feeling like "want to have salt and light one today". Find a nearby ramen shops! You can check ramen shops near the place you are located or near a specific place on the map. By tapping the comment icon at the bottom of the screen, you can check only posts related to the displayed ramen shops. In addition to understanding the location on the map, you can find ramen shops with browsing posts with photos and ratings. On the Posts screen, of course you can filter by types. Access shop details By tapping the shop name on the Posts screen, you can check the detailed information of the shop. It will be good reference for you to check places, average ratings, budget and see only posts about that shop etc. If you find a shop you like, save it to Bookmark. Save favorite posts or shops to Bookmark It is convenient to Bookmark when you find posts or shop you like. You can access your own bookmarks and retrieve the information at any time. It is also convenient when you check and save shops near the place you will visit in the future in advance. Post your ramen experiences Let's share your ramen experiences with people all over the world. Your posts will be valuable reference information for other people around the world to look for the next ramen. ※ Contents posted are to the last, personal impressions. We are not responsible for any content.