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Groc, yellow in catalan, lets you either tint an image yellow or place a pointer on a certain color to turn it yellow. Share your images on social media or use them as your profile photo and help raise awareness of the violation of civil liberties we're suffering in Catalonia by an authoritarian state. In 2017 a supposedly democratic state, member of the European Union, has political prisioners. Spain has imprisioned the leaders from the two main pro independence grassroot movements in catalonia and several members of the Catalan Goverment, accusing them with charges of sedition and even rebelion. According to spanish law, these charges require the use of violence. In 7 years of demostrations there hasn't been a single violent incident. The Government members are accused of rebelion for applying the (approved) political program they were elected for, which brought them to organize a referendum for the independence of Catalonia. The only violence was the one we suffered from the spanish police. A yellow ribbon is being used as a symbol to demand the freedom of the catalan political prisioners. The spanish electoral commision for the imposed catalan elections of the 21st of December, the Junta Electoral Central, has forbidden the use of these ribbons to members of the elections organization. It also has forbidden the display of banners requesting their freedom on municipal buildings and even tinting fountains yellow. Thus, yellow has become the color of freedom.