Fine Art Estates

Fine Art Estates

Por Artist Estate, Inc.

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Two of the most difficult issues with purchasing art online is knowing if an artwork of interest is the proper scale for the desired location and if it will harmonize with what is already in the space. Although nothing beats having the actual work hanging in the space for a week to see how it works with the room, which can be costly and impractical. The next best solution is to create an image of the room with the desired artwork virtually hanging on the wall as if it were there when the image was captured. The FAE App enables a user to do just that with any available artwork on the FAE website. The FAE App uses a target-based system designed to allow a user with an FAE account to see what two dimensional artworks from ArtTracker, the site's favorites list, will look like on the wall of their own home or office. By placing an FAE Mobile Target on a wall where an artwork is desired, the app will allow users to view virtual images of artwork, superimposed over the target, in both proper scale and perspective on the screen of their iOS devices. By using the FAE Rooms Target, the app will simplify the process of photographing rooms that incorporate the Rooms Target and uploading them to the FAE website. The uploaded room images can be combined with artwork from ArtTracker, to create editable Views. The View edit functions available on the FAE Website include a way to manually readjust the artworks perspective if needed and to harmonize the brightness of both the room and artwork images to make the artwork look as if it was part of the original room image. Other tools allow the user to add a simple frame around the artwork, change its color, and assign the View to one or more Projects. After a View is created, it, along with artwork images and artist information can be copied and pasted into a PowerPoint presentation, or simply emailed to interested parties. When looking for fine art online, the FAE App and website simplifies the art buying process, saving everyone time and money.