Dice Match Bingo

Dice Match Bingo

Por Colin Smith

  • Categoria: Games
  • Data de Lançamento: 2017-11-14
  • Versão Atual: 1.4
  • Classificação de idade: 4+
  • Tamanho: 25.94 MB
  • Desenvolvedor: Colin Smith
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 9.0 ou mais novo.


Use your skill (and a little luck!) to match the dice rolled. Score bonuses and multi-bonuses for completing horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. Complete the board within 8 turns and score a completion bonus & carry your score & unused rolls over to a new board (if playing Continuous mode). The objective of Dice Match Bingo is to complete rows of random dice by matching them with the dice rolled at the top of the screen. The ultimate aim is to match every die on the game screen and score a completion bonus. You have 8 turns per game to try and match as many dice as possible. Every die you match scores points at the face value of that die. Rows can be completed vertically, horizontally and diagonally from corner to corner. Every time a row is completed you will score bonus points - 100 for a horizontal row, 150 for a vertical row and 200 for a diagonal row. When you complete more than 1 row simultaneously, you score a 200 point bonus for each row completed in that turn. If you complete the entire grid, you will score a 1000 point bonus plus an additional 1000 points for every roll remaining in the game. You earn a Bonus Die for every 10 games you play. Bonus Dice can be used to complete a board when you have 1 unmatched die left after your last roll. GAMEPLAY The screen has 6 dice along the top and a grid of 36 dice that are randomly allocated values at the start of the game. Begin by tapping on the Start button to take your first roll of the dice along the top. If the 'Show Match Hints' option in Settings is turned on, any dice on the grid that match any number rolled at the top will be highlighted and can be selected. As you select matches in the grid, your selection and the corresponding rolled die will turn blue. A blue rolled die cannot be used again in the current turn - however you can make it available again by tapping on a selected (blue) match in the grid to deselect it. You can also move a selected match by tapping on any other matched die with the same value. Once you have selected 6 matches in the grid (or less if you rolled a number that doesn't have a corresponding match), tap the Roll button to take your next turn. The dice you selected will change to red to show they are now locked and not available to be selected again. If you completed a row, all the dice in that row will change to green to indicate that the row is complete. In Standard mode, the game ends after 8 turns or if you complete the grid in less than 8 turns. CONTINUOUS MODE In Continuous mode, if you complete the board your score & any unused rolls are carried over to a new board & the game continues. TIMED MODE Timed mode adds the challenge of only being allowed 6 seconds per turn. Once your time is up, the game automatically rolls the dice for the next turn. SCORING Matched Die - face value Horizontal Row - 100 Vertical Row - 150 Diagonal Row - 200 Multiple Rows - 200 times the number of rows All Dice Matched - 1000 + 1000 times the number of rolls left in the game DICE COLORS Yellow - die matches one (or more) of the dice rolled & can be selected. Blue - die is selected & will be locked at the start of the next turn. Red - die is locked & no longer selectable in the current game. Green - die is part of a completed row.