Por Michele Vagnetti

  • Categoria: Photo & Video
  • Data de Lançamento: 2017-07-26
  • Versão Atual: 1.5.2
  • Classificação de idade: 4+
  • Tamanho: 143.77 MB
  • Desenvolvedor: Michele Vagnetti
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 9.0 ou mais novo.
Nota: 2.5
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This App will let you fly your DJI Drone like never before! it's especially design for provide the best VR FPV flight, prepare your self to an immersive flight experience! The app is compatible with: Mavic 2 Pro Mavic 2 Zoom Mavic Pro Mavic Pro Alpine Mavic Pro Platinum Mavic Air Spark (require remote controller) Phantom 3 Professional Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 3 Standard Phantom 3 4K Phantom 4 Phantom 4 Pro Phantom 4 Advanced Phantom 4 Pro V2 Try the app for free as many time you want (100 seconds sessions) if you like it and fits your needs, you can unlock unlimited VR flight time (in app purchase) You can use this app with basically all VR headset on the market! the view is fully customisable to fit all needs, you can set position, dimension and eye-witdh. Head-tracking Move the gimbal with your head! you can move: -up and down (all supported drones) -left and right (only Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom) Enjoy the special animated On screen Display in VR mode! it will provide you all the informations that you need! If you need to look around while wearing the VR headset (goggles) you can switch from Drone Point of View to Your Point of View (using the iPhone camera) by pressing the C2 button on the remote controller. AR Localizer You have two Augmented Reality Localizer that will help you orient yourself on the Drone video feed. The green locator will always indicate your position, while the red one will show you the Position and Distance of a Point of Interest that you can choose on Map. They are a great help to find your destination! Localizers are available in normal mode, full screen and “VR” Mode Complete access to all camera settings Flight Mode: Atti/GPS Mode & Sport Mode - FCC mode friendly the app will no automatically revert to CE mode in euro zone Note for Spark users: OTG cable is now supported by current DJI SDK and highly recommended



  • Agradecimentos

    Por prof carlorion
    Retificando pois o desenvolvedor já me reportou como proceder no caso do modo VR Apenas pedimos que analise o tempo nos dado de 60 segundos na sessão de voo Isto é perigoso para quem tem o drone voando pedimos que permita um voo livre por um tempo maior se puderem e reduzir um pouco o custo :-) Independente vale a pena adquirir o app pessoal
  • I bought it and the sound option is still blocked please help me

    Por vedo macdo
    I need support I already sent an email to the developer but until now no one answered me please I need support